The History of New Horizon

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The History of New Horizon Empty The History of New Horizon

Post  notoriosking on Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:12 pm

The day after 2011 came a group of friends wanted to form a new runescape clan. In their minds they knew that it was an impossible task, but they held firm to the idea. The next day they came up with the name Rune Horizon and made it official on the forums. With three people already in the clan, hearts were filled with excitement to recruit new people. I went all throughout runescape recruiting people that day with little luck. While I recruited people, my friend told me he created a website. After I visited it, I was amazed at how awesome it was and started to tell people how to get there. After a week past, we had a total of 6 members that grew close together. After our first boss hunting trip, which was a failure, our clan leader had suddenly vanished. When Deve told me he went to the clan website and it said, "Rune Horizon is finished". I went to see it myself. I was completely devastated to had read such a thing.

Day after Day, I tried to find a new clan. There wasn't any hope until one day, Deve asked if I wanted to make a new clan, a better clan with him. I said yes and on January 17, 2011 we created New Horizon. New Horizon is suppose to stand for the rebirth of Rune horizon. I like to see it as every time you look at the horizon during sunset the sun mysteriously vanishes. When dawn comes, the sun rises and comes back brighter. Anyways, as we made it official on the forums, we saw people applying day after day to be a member in the clan. We decided to make it p2p because of the events. As this clan grows, I will always be a proud leader if New Horizon. It's always a slow start at first, but if you are dedicated enough you can achieve the impossible.
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